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The Indian artist challenging 'dirty taboos' on Instagram

  • peddle: Most of her illustrations feature brown-skinned women with unshaven legs and arms- a deliberate choice to highlight insecurities around body image peddled by the beauty industry and even social media.
  • unbiased: I personally believe the more unbiased, objective conversations we have about such 'dirty' topics, the more normalised they become in societ y.
  • whimsical: Sometimes, this includes " whimsical taboos ", she says, like farting, but she also touches upon more vexing and personal issues like loneliness and mental illness.
  • sardonic: While much of her work is humorous or sardonic, it also reflects the anxiety of a generation that she describes as " forever-online".
  • humour: "Our generation's mode of dealing with such dark 'millennial' issues has mostly been through humour- through memes, stand up comedy, satire art and funny Facebook pages," she says, adding that often it is alternate forms of media such as podcasts, web series and blogs that attempt to deal with these problems.

Russia-Trump inquiry: Russians charged over US 2016 election tampering

  • fictitious: "By 2016, defendants and their co-conspirators used their fictitious online persons to interfere with the 2016 US presidential election," the indictment continues.
  • diffuse: He has built up a business empire and has been accused of using companies to diffuse pro-Krem lin opinions via fake internet identities.
  • defraud: As part of the inquiry, former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has been charged with conspiring to defraud the US in his dealings with Ukraine, and conspiracy to launder money.

Ethics Dispute Erupts in Belgium Over Euthanasia Rules

  • euthanasia: A disputed case of euthanasia in Belgium, involving the death of a dementia patient who never formally asked to die, has again raised concerns about weak oversight in a country with some of the world's most liberal euthanasia laws.
  • euthanasia: A disputed case of euthanasia in Belgium, involving the death of a dementia patient who never formally asked to die, has again raised concerns about weak oversight in a country with some of the world's most liberal euthanasia laws.
  • euthanasia: The case was described in a letter provided to The Associated Press, written by a doctor who resigned from Belgium's euthanasia commission in protest over the group's actions on this and other cases.
  • euthanasia: Some experts say the case as documented in the letter amounts to murder; the patient lacked the mental capacity to ask for euthanasia and the request for the bedridden patient to be euthanized came from family members.
  • euthanasia: The co-chairs of the commission say the doctor mistakenly reported the death as euthanasia.

New Zealand goose: How one blind bisexual bird became an icon

  • cygnet: Image copyright WBRT Image caption Thomas (white goose) often took care of Henry and Henrietta's cygnets.
  • cygnet: Henry and Henrietta went on to have 68 cygnets over the next six years.
  • dote: Thomas decided to stick around with the duo where he played the role of a doting uncle, helping raise the swans, teaching them how to fly and taking care of them when their parents did not.
  • cygnet: Image copyright WBRT Image caption Thomas took up the role of teaching the cygnets how to fly.
  • estuary: After a while, Thomas went on to meet a female goose in the estuary, and for the first time- he had 10 babies of his own.

As Mueller moves forward, lingering questions about Comey and Clinton

  • divergent: Rhetoric surrounding the investigation has grown increasingly bitter as members of Congress promote sharply divergent narratives to explain the unfolding confrontation.
  • fog: It remains to be seen whether Mueller and his team of prosecutors and investigators can cut through the fog and fury of Washington politics to reach a sober, credible outcome.
  • bickering: Partisan bickering on Capitol Hill has largely replaced serious congressional oversight, Ms. Brian says.
  • flak: Evers says that Mueller has effectively insulated himself from political flak by concentrating exclusively on the task he was appointed to complete.
  • impermissible: There is no evidence that any impermissible factor like politics, or concern that he might lose his job, played a role.

Viewpoint: Chemical weapons ‘threat to West’

  • concur: With the same information the OPCW concurred six months later that chlorine had been used.
  • despot: This promise of action by world leaders, which has not hitherto been followed through- except by President Trump's strike on 6 April 2017 after the Khan Sheikhoun nerve agent attack- has ultimately lead to the 100-year taboo on the use of chemical weapons being broken, and the possibility of every despot, dictator, rogue state or terrorist using them with impunity in future.
  • parlance: Most Nato countries, including the UK, have paid lip service to the chemical threat since the end of the Cold War, because they believed it had disappeared, and in military parlance, have taken a " capability holiday" with chemical weapon defence.