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Marsh powers Australia to Tri-Nation ODI win

  • bowler: They weathered the early assault from Mitchell Starc but it was fellow new ball bowler Hazlewood who prised out Fletcher in the 11th over of the innings.
  • snare: Holder returned in the midst of the lower-order rally to snare Coulter-Nile, however the captain appeared to have miscalculated his bowling options in only allowing Brathwaite eight of a possible ten overs.
  • adjudge: Marsh, adjudged Man of the Match, then cemented Australia's control of the match when he had Bravo caught behind, Samuels taken at short extra-cover and Charles leg-before within the space of ten runs.
  • bowler: West Indies were hampered by the absence of Shannon Gabriel at the end of the innings with the tearaway fast bowler leaving the field after completing seven overs.

Schezwan dosa anyone?

  • culinary: Food writer Vir Sanghi says that no one from China would recognise any of these culinary digressions as Chinese, but he offers this justification: " No Indian would eat the so-called Balti rubbish that British call Indian food in the Midlands.
  • vegetarian: So McDonald's has a best-selling, spiced vegetarian Mac Aloo Tikki ( potato patty) burger, Pizza Hut offers a " curry crust" flavoured with coriander, cardamom and fenugreek and Dominos has a " southern chilly chicken" topping.
  • digression: Food writer Vir Sanghi says that no one from China would recognise any of these culinary digressions as Chinese, but he offers this justification: " No Indian would eat the so-called Balti rubbish that British call Indian food in the Midlands.
  • culinary: Chinese cuisine- or, a vague idea of it- may top the food-fusion list of Indians, but as incomes, enthusiasm and the desire to experiment grow, no national culinary tradition that is strong on spice is safe.
  • blandness: In a country where those who suspect even a hint of blandness in food call for raw green chillies as compensation- hard as it might be to conceive today, Indians never knew of the chilly until the Portuguese ferried it over during the 16th Century- cuisines that use strong spices are favoured but not necessa r ily.

Lanvin men's designer celebrates 10 years at storied house

  • eclectic: The designer, who cut his cloth at Kenzo and then Dior Homme, successfully modernized the men's line founded by Jeanne Lanvin in the 1920's with his signature layering, eclectic style fusion and fashion-forward approach.
  • striped: Many of the looks borrowed from large " Saturday Night Fever"-era shirt collars, fusing them with the more colorful, checked and striped London styles of the time.
  • exuberance: A billowing, oversize coat, for instance, perfectly captured that period's exuberance.

UN Calls for Tougher Animal Trafficking Enforcement

  • carcass: The scandal surrounding the temple erupted as Department of National Parks (D NP) officials were removing the tigers to new temporary holding centers, uncovered 60 frozen and bottled cub carcasses and pelts, a cache of other endangered species parts, together with tiger skins in the abbot’s private residence.
  • syndicate: That is pretty clear, but it is not as bad as some people have said, where it’s like a whole syndicate or something.
  • carcass: Also found were hundreds of talisman’s made from tiger parts, hornbills, tiger cub carcasses, skeletons, and stuffed bears.
  • zoo: More than 140 tigers at been held at the temple grounds and zoo, of which 15 tigers and cubs were daily brought before tourists for contact and photo opportunities and interaction with visitors.

Fallout from British EU vote alarms Asia, deepens party conflicts

  • respite: Despite the international expressions of concern, respite from the uncertainty is unlikely for months, at the very least.
  • rocket: An opinion poll in The Sunday Post said 59 percent of Scots backed independence, rocketing from 45 percent of votes cast in a referendum in 2014.
  • receptive: Corbyn's critics accuse him of half-hearted campaigning for a " remain" vote in the referendum, and of failing to win over traditional Labour voters who were more receptive to the anti-EU message of the UK Independence Party.
  • extricate: There are going to be deeply damaging and painful consequences of the process of trying to extricate the UK from the EU.
  • dissension: Hollande called for France and Germany to use their strong friendship for seizing the initiative, warning that " separated, we run the risk of divisions, dissensions and quarrels ".

Britain Turned Upside Down and Inside Out

  • extricate: She told the BBC’s Sunday Politics show, “ The issue you are talking about is would there have to be a legislative consent motion or motions for the legislation that extricates the UK from the European Union?
  • sidestep: Sidestepping the legislature north of the border would almost certainly fuel Scottish nationalist sentiment and make Scotland’s break with the British union inevitable.
  • conciliatory: Merkel's conciliatory remark came as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Europe, first stopping in Rome before heading for emergency meetings this week in London and Brussels.
  • relinquish: In other developments Sunday, open rebellion broke out in the country’s opposition Labour Party with senior lawmakers resigning their “shadow cabinet ” positions in a bid to force Jeremy Corbyn to relinquish the leadership and to make way for a more effective replacement.
  • reconsider: In her remarks Sunday, made via her chief of staff, Chancellor Merkel said that Britain “should have the possibility to reconsider the consequences of exit.”

Lurking challenges

  • precedence: Image copyright AFP Image caption For President Obama, trade negotiations with the EU will take precedence over post-Brexit UK.
  • fissure: The fissures in British society exposed by the Scottish independence referendum will only deepen in light of the Brexit vote.
  • admonition: Notwithstanding admonitions by the Leave campaign that the vote was none of the Y anks ' business, given the important alliance between the two countries, America has a significant stake in what happens now.