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China Raises Hong Kong Rhetoric to Tiananmen Level

  • suffrage: Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said, " The Chinese authorities in Beijing seem determined to refuse to give to the people of Hong Kong what they are perfectly entitled to expect, which is free, fair, open elections based on universal suffrage.
  • sabotage: Until now, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying had only said the protests were “illegal” and “undermine the rule of law and sabotage social stability.
  • diverge: Initially, China accepted the changes, but after the Tiananmen movement and crackdown in 1989, and protests in Hong Kong supporting the movement, the two sides’ views on the city’s democratic future diverged.
  • suffrage: The United States supports universal suffrage in Hong Kong and we support the aspirations of the Hong Kong people ,” said Press Secretary Josh Earnest.
  • insecure: When millions of workers from all walks of life joined students protesting for democracy on the square and throughout the country, its arguably insecure leadership saw “chaos” and used force to end it.

An environmentalist's calculated push toward Brazil's presidency

  • rubber: Lisboa would not be the last person surprised by Silva, a former rubber tapper and maid and now a frontrunner in Brazil's presidential election race.
  • sundry: If elected, her biggest struggle could be weaving the sundry strands of support into a manageable harness for Brazil's rambunctious multi-party democracy.
  • pliant: In interviews, more than a dozen of those who know Silva describe a thoughtful politician firm enough to lead but pliant enough to bend when an opposing argument prevails.
  • map: She told a committee to map out a plan to reach them and rebuffed aides who suggested such targets could doom her politically if unmet.
  • hydroelectric: With re-election in sight, a group of ministers convinced Lula to dust off a series of long-proposed infrastructure projects, including hydroelectric dams on Amazon tributaries.

Euphoria and Fear in Hong Kong as National Day Dawns

  • festive: The atmosphere was festive as night fell on the eve of the October 1 national holiday, marking the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, but it is freedom and democracy that these Chinese citizens wish to celebrate, not communist-imposed rule.
  • accompaniment: To the accompaniment of protest songs and rousing speeches calling for the resignation of Hong Kong chief executive Leung Chun -ying, the occupation of Hong Kong Central district continues.
  • plastic: Nearby, a social scientist who gives his name only as Jonathan handed out plastic sheeting to shelter protesters during one of several rain storms.
  • congregate: One student protester explained that the app, developed by San Francisco IT firm Open Garden, allows users to send messages via Bluetooth, not Wi Fi, in areas where significant numbers of people have congregated.