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Top Asian News 5:39 p.m. GMT

  • rope: It showed four bare-chested men tied with ropes to a car, flinching as an angry group of men took turns beating them with wooden sticks, belts and iron rods.
  • stick: It showed four bare-chested men tied with ropes to a car, flinching as an angry group of men took turns beating them with wooden sticks, belts and iron rods.
  • bullet: At least 67 civilians have been killed and thousands injured, mostly by government forces firing bullets and shotguns at rock-throwing protesters.
  • ministry: The Central Asian nation's interior ministry said the person who drove the vehicle through the gate died when the bomb detonated.
  • concussion: Almaz Kubatbekov, chief physician at the Bishkek National Trauma and Orthopedics Institute, said the three victims suffered concussions and multiple bruises.

Samarco dam failed due to poor drainage and design: investigation

  • drainage: Samarco dam failed due to poor drainage and design: investigation.
  • drainage: BELO HORIZONTE/RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters)- The deadly collapse of a tailings dam last November at the Samarco mine, owned by Vale SA and BHP Billiton, was caused by drainage and design flaws, a report into Brazil's worst-ever environmental disaster showed on Monday.
  • drainage: The report stressed that a change in the dam's design between 2011 and 2012 led to less efficient water drainage that saturated sand in the dam and resulted in liquefaction.
  • maul: BHP and Vale's shares, mauled last November after the dam disaster, were unharmed by the release of the report.

India Ganges floods 'break previous records'

  • empty: The third largest river in the world flows through these north Indian states meeting its tributaries before emptying into the Bay of Bengal.
  • deposition: The silt deposition is said to have raised the river's bed-level causing it to break embankments and flood the adjoining human settlements and farmlands.
  • deposition: They argue that the deposition of silt has obstructed several passages through the Farakka barrage.
  • deposition: Silt deposition has also significantly raised the water level of Kosi river, one of the major tributaries of the Ganges.
  • deposition: Image copyright AP Image caption The silt deposition is said to have raised the river's bed-level causing it to break embankments Image copyright AP Image caption The Ganges is the third largest river in the world.

IS buried thousands in 72 mass graves, AP finds

  • grave: Between them, the two scenes of horror on Sinjar mountain contain six burial sites and the bodies of more than 100 people, just a small fraction of the mass graves Islamic State extremists have scattered across Iraq and Syria.
  • rope: The road is in territory long since seized back, but the five sites are untouched, roped off and awaiting the money or the political will for excavation, as the evidence they contain is scoured away by the wind and baked by the sun.
  • pentagon: As documented by the aid group Yazda, which has mapped the Sinjar sites, the graves are in a rough pentagon flanking the crossroads, largely unprotected.
  • ravine: No one outside IS has seen the Iraqi ravine where hundreds of Shiite prison inmates were killed point blank and then torched.
  • ravine: Then they knelt along the edge of the crescent-shaped ravine, according to a report cited by AllSource.

Forgotten pioneer

  • debauch: The press at the time wrote that HIV was a disease of the " debauched West " where" free sex and homosexuality " were prevalent.
  • promiscuous: Hundreds of samples, collected from the supposedly more promiscuous city of Mumbai, had already been tested at the virology institute in the western city of Pune and no positive results had turned up so far.
  • destitute: When I asked around, I was told that it stood for " vigilance home" where prostitutes and destitute women were remanded by the authoritie s.

Washing puzzle

  • laborious: It's a laborious chore- matching up socks in a big pile of washing.
  • radix: The basic idea of a radix sort is that you want to create categories apart- so let's say colour.
  • tractable: So in this case we are sub-dividing these socks into these smaller groups which are then much more tractable on their own.
  • radix: A radix sort can help match socks faster than simply grabbing random ones out of the pile.

Rockets hit Saudi border town as Yemen war flares anew

  • acrid: Another hit a Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) power station in Najran on Friday, spilling diesel from a punctured tank into acrid black lakes coating the surrounding streets.
  • jagged: Saudi authorities say the latest wave of shelling has killed 29 civilians and injured around 300 in Najran, a city framed by jagged brown mountains that separate Saudi Arabia from Yemen.
  • unsophisticated: Still, the Najran casualties point to the Saudis ' difficulties in securing their border against the more mobile Houthi forces and allies loyal to former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh, even as the Houthis lob mostly unsophisticated Katyusha rockets into their territory.