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Nigeria's favourite leader won't become president - yet

  • bask: Yemi Osinbajo is basking in the love of many Nigerians at the moment- not a common experience for politicians in this country where they are generally held in low esteem.
  • ponderous: The dynamism of the sprightly 61-year-old have been contrasted to the ponderous nature of Mr Buhari, 75, who has been nicknamed " Baba-Go-Slow".
  • figurative: He took the figurative bull by the horns, calling Mr Daura's actions " unacceptable" and" a gross violation of constitutional order, rule of law and all accepted notions of law and order ".
  • dexterity: Some suggest one reason for this dexterity is that with fewer powerful aides, he can act independently.
  • bide: While it is unlikely that Mr Osinbajo will be Nigeria's full-time leader any time soon, he is young enough to bide his time until the next poll in 2023, when it might be the turn of a southerner to lead the country.

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan Dies

  • complacent: An independent report criticized the secretary-general for being too complacent, saying he should have done more to investigate matters even if he was not involved with the awarding of the contract.
  • tarnished: Challenges from the outset forced him to spend much of his time struggling to restore its tarnished reputation.
  • fluent: He became fluent in English, French and several African languages, attending an elite boarding school and the University of Science and Technology in Kumasi..
  • surmount: The U.N. deployed a 300-member observer force to monitor a cease-fire, but peace never took hold and Annan was unable to surmount the bitter stalemate among Security Council powers.

UN Chief: 1 Option to Protect Palestinians Is New Force

  • deplore: Guterres was responding to a request in a Palestinian-backed resolution adopted by the General Assembly in June that blamed Israel for violence in Gaza and deplored its " excessive use of force.
  • flagrant: In the report, Guterres sharply criticized Israel's expansion of settlements saying the building " continues unabated and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law.
  • incendiary: Guterres also criticized" the indiscriminate launching of rockets, mortars and incendiary devices from Gaza by Hamas and other Palestinian militants towards Israel" and the building of tunnels into Israel, saying these acts threaten the lives of Israelis and Palestinians alike.

Kosovo, Serbia Mull Territorial Swap to End Dispute

  • inviolable: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has rejected any changes to the borders, saying, " The territorial integrity of the states of the Western Balkans has been established and is inviolable.
  • portend: Even if the idea is officially included in the EU-mediated Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, many questions remain, including whether Serbia should recognize Kosovo first and what that would portend.
  • disservice: Here it is a disservice to everybody in the Balkans, first of all the Kosovars, that their state is not recognized by Serbia, that they are not recognized by all members of the European Union and therefore they're blocked in some of their relationships with the EU," said Volker.

Russia takes a new look at an old enemy: Genghis Khan

  • contiguous: At its peak the Mongol Empire was the largest contiguous land empire in history, and it left its imprint everywhere.
  • congregate: The first wave of Mongol invaders smashed the European-like Kievan Rus state in present-day Ukraine, sending the survivors fleeing into the northern forests, where they congregated around small statelets like Moscow.
  • nomadic: Early Russian settlers to Buryatia brought agriculture to the river valleys, and developed an economic symbiosis with the cattle-breeding, nomadic Buryat tribes around them.
  • steppe: In the south of Buryatia, near the present-day border with Mongolia, there is a mountain-sized rock outcropping known locally as the Merkit Fortress, which looks out over the arid, rolling steppe that gradually fades into the Gobi Desert a few hundred miles away.