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Eater Guides: The Definitive Guide to Santa Fe Green Chile

  • vegetable: It's the best combination of flavor and heat and sweet and vegetable goodness.
  • dissipation: The New Mexican pod type is kind of a moderate-fast development, moderately fast dissipation, the heat sensation is mid-palate, and it's got what we call the flat heat," he says.
  • entree: Before the move, the menu was more continental, but since 1960 The Shed has focused on New Mexican cuisine (though the garlic bread that comes with all entrees belies its past).
  • vegetarian: The Shed's green chile sauce itself is vegetarian, though the stew includes pork, and the trimmed pork cushion that is used is leaner than the meat in most green chile stews.
  • affix: Santa Fe Bite is the year-old reincarnation of the former Bobcat Bite, and it is affixed to Garrett's Desert Inn in handsome downtown Santa Fe.

Asia's old communities vanishing amid rapid growth

  • demolish: If these old buildings are demolished, the people will go.
  • decrepit: Authorities often say that clearing of old city quarters is justified because living conditions among the often decrepit structures are unsanitary.
  • clearance: City authorities said the clearance was necessary because earthquakes could topple the old houses.
  • permanence: Scholars note that a basic Buddhist tenet views the world as a place of constant change, and thus the faithful tend to downgrade the notion of permanence.
  • renovate: Many Buddhists also believe donating to build a new pagoda or shrine, rather than renovating old ones, will earn greater merit for the giver.