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'Dead' Baloch rebel leader is alive

  • blatant: This is a blatant lie," said Nazar, who vowed to continue to fight.
  • secession: If he is alive, the Pakistani state will keep hunting him as long as he insists on secession, disregards our constitution and keeps killing innocent people ," Mr Bugti told BBC Urdu from the provincial capital Quetta.
  • hereditary: BBC Urdu's Adil Shahzeb says that although Nazar is not a hereditary Baloch chieftain like some of the other separatist leaders in exile, he is fast gaining iconic status among disaffected Baloch youth and his re-emergence amid an intense counter-insurgency operation will undoubtedly add to his mystique.
  • extrajudicial: Human rights groups accuse the military of a campaign of kidnapping, torture and extrajudicial killings of suspected separatists.
  • evict: Nazar said the project was causing Baloch people to be evicted from their homes.

What the backlash against Bollywood's Aamir Khan tells us about India

  • implode: To be true, India is certainly not imploding with religious violence.
  • deity: One is the rise of what a commentator calls a " species of hardcore supporters" of Mr Modi, who are derisively called Modi Bhakts- bhakt means worshipper of a deity- by liberal opponents.
  • sycophant: They are not the fawning, old-fashioned sycophants that India's leaders are used to.
  • defame: Secondly, criticising Mr Modi is increasingly being conflated with defaming India.

Dealing with death of a team-mate

  • regurgitate: I had to regurgitate my grief for the media '.
  • fog: After the initial " fog" of Burke's death, Groenewoud coped well, even winning a gold medal at the 2012 X Games barely a week after the bereavement.
  • regurgitate: I developed what I felt like were thoughtful answers, and I was able to turn off my feelings and regurgitate those answers.

Big China brokerage in $166bn error

  • derivative: Image copyright AFP Image caption The period in which Citic Securities inflated its derivative business was during the dramatic sell-off in mainland Chinese shares.
  • brokerage: In September, shares of China's largest state-owned brokerage slumped after it reported that three executives, including its president, were under police investigation.
  • derivative: An equity swap is a type of derivative that refers to a cash exchange between realized gains on specific stocks and fixed interest rates over a certain period of time in the future.

Taking on Godzilla in Alaska

  • strut: There's an alarming crack in the surface of the strut beside my seat.
  • foist: Development of the type foisted on the tribe by outsiders like the Russians has never been welcome.
  • dialect: They speak an Athabascan dialect called Dena ' ina and can trace their origins in the area back 1,000 years.
  • bountiful: We 've been teaching our kids how to fish their whole lives," says Gwen Chickalusion who is a cook at the school and looks after the bountiful community garden.

War grave vandalism 'deplorable'

  • headstone: We have a team at the cemetery now taking action to clean the headstones.
  • headstone: Image caption Harefield cemetery contains 120 World War One graves Image caption The cemetery is thought to be unique in its scroll-shaped headstones.
  • headstone: He said police believed the person who damaged the headstones was local and may have bragged about it.
  • headstone: The cemetery at Harefield, which also contains six World War Two graves, is thought to be unique with its scroll-shaped headstones chosen by the staff and patients at the hospital.
  • entwine: Mr Isaacs said the cemetery and hospital were entwined in the village's history and local school children laid flowers on the war graves each year.

Myanmar country profile

  • pariah: Burma, also known as Myanmar, was long considered a pariah state, isolated from the rest of the world and with an appalling human rights record.
  • forcible: The generals who ran Burma stood accused of gross human rights abuses, including the forcible relocation of civilians and the widespread use of forced labour, including children.
  • pariah: International: Burma has long been seen as a pariah state by the West, which only began relaxing sanctions in 2012; China is its main ally.
  • intermittent: Burman dominance over Karen, Shan, Rak hine, Mon, Rohingya, Chin, Kachin and other minorities has been the source of considerable ethnic tension and has fuelled intermittent protests and separatist rebellions.
  • stagnation: The economy is one of the least developed in the world, and is suffering the effects of decades of stagnation, misma nagement, and isolation.

Aung San Suu Kyi Election Win Invites Myanmar to Contemplate Change

  • stationary: Mya Pwint Phyu and 11 of her colleagues at the Cherry stationary shop in the central city of Mandalay sat at polling stations on the day of the election, paying close attention to voting inside the city’s old palace, which is now a military compound occupied by soldiers and their families.
  • compatriot: With almost five months to wait until democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi can form a new government, 24-year-old Mya Pwint Phyu and many of her compatriots can now allow themselves to imagine what changes a new government might bring to a resource -rich country impoverished by decades under authoritarian and military rule.
  • stationary: Another member of the stationary store observer team, Pearl, 24, has a master’s degree in mathematics, but has been unable to find a job that utilizes her abilities.
  • regurgitate: University education in the country is notoriously bad, with students expected to memorize fixed answers in English and regurgitate them wholesale in exam papers.
  • ineligible: Aung San Suu Kyi herself is ineligible for the presidency under the 2008 Constitution, which was drafted by the country’s former military rulers.

The diplomatic clues in the Turnbull and Widodo images

  • fray: Relations between Australia and Indonesia have been frayed in recent times.
  • blossom: Mr Turnbull talked up the blossoming bilateral partnership focusing on economic prosperity.
  • salubrious: Their meeting against a salubrious background was probably what Mr Turnbull can expect from all the other nations in this tour but what followed in Jakarta was a different flav our.