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U.S. top court backs church in major religious rights case

Reading Level: Standard. Vocab words: buttress, invalidate, reimbursement, odious, secular, bureaucrat, enshrine, barring.

A Presumption of Guilt

Reading Level: Expert. Vocab words: dramatize, taunt, servitude, lawmaker, statute, agitate, transgression, acquiescence, mollify, impermissible, reinstate, capitulate, descendant.

No, hateful speech is not the same thing as violence

Reading Level: Advanced. Vocab words: accentuate, invidious, bellicose, incitement, noxious, warrant, brandish, nefarious, ideological, plead, perceive, pundit.

The Knives Are Out for South Korea’s Robber Barons

Reading Level: Advanced. Vocab words: teem, banish, incapacitate, garish, birthright, perjury, aristocrat, fortuitous.

Will Mars Go Mute? NASA's Aging Orbiters May Not Last Long Enough to Support Future Exploration

Reading Level: Advanced. Vocab words: fleet, imperil, concoct, appraise, slate, shallow, brine, aperture, plead.